I've seen a lot of people struggle with applications of integrals just because the shapes you work with are so strange, hopefully a tool like this can help.

What it does

a teacher cal log on and enter a function and some parameters and it will grow a 3d object out of it thats freely viewable to students.

How I built it

it took a lot of focus and api, lookups, but i started by building the viewer, then the editor(using some js libraries to do heavy lifting with rendering graphs). after having some core functionality I crudely stitched them together with some alertboxes and copying and pasting, but that turned out to not be a good long term solution so i added a backed using Mongodb and also added accounts and ui.

Challenges I ran into

knowing where and how to draw faces was a bit hard, there's definitely some room for optimization, because i wound up rendering both sides of the faces. also debugging JavaScript can be pretty difficult

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

this is probably one of the most finished projects I've ever made, and it was really exiting seeing the first object I generated

What I learned

an absolute ton about the dependent libraries, and javascript development in general. my learning conditions weren't exactly an enterprises test-driven environment, and it did lead to some very strange bugs, sleep deprivation, and some hacky code, but it forced me to think a bit harder.

What's next for calcGoggles

maybe with some additional features, better security, it could become a fully fledge product someday.

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