The goal of this project is not only to inform people better about the importance of social distancing or self quarantine. The simulator is also thought as a visual motivator for people to enhance the importance of following the measures - so that when people get tired of the impacting situation, they do not change the behaviour but keep it up. They can see that the measures are working.

What it does

People can use the simulator to inform themselves about how the policies of self-quarantine (symptomatic people stay home) and social distancing (all people reduce their contacts) impact the spread of the virus → Users can play government and define how the policies should be implemented and evaluate the impact Create an understanding in society for the importance of complying with those measures

How we built it

We developed a simulation model and translated the model into python to be able to run it. The model can be run using different data for population and contact rates.

Challenges we ran into

The tough timeframe was a challenge. Furthermore it was difficult to find the right data for our project. Running the model takes quite a bit of time and we have not been able to deploy it on the web because of that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The models run without errors and after adding more data, we hope to produce a more accurate picture of the current developments and a more credible illustration of the impact different measures have.

What we learned

Teamwork is very important and not easy via an online Hackathon. We learned how productive a cross country collaboration can be. We shared some really good moments together online and had a lot of fun.

What's next for calcFLUencer

Next step would be for calcFLUencer to go online on the website (as can be seen on the pictures). Also, more data to be collected.

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