My husband and I were heading to Switzerland for a conference, but I didn't get to go (passport issue). I was stuck at home feeling pretty bummed, when I decided to spend that week writing an app instead. I wanted something that could be accomplished in one week, and had been thinking about writing a calculator for the iPad anyways, so CalcEdit was born.

How it works

It's a pretty simple calculator, basic and scientific modes. What's special about it is the rolling history. You can edit any calculation in the history and any dependent calculations will be updated!

Challenges I ran into

Not too many, it's pretty standard stuff. I did write my own recursive decent parser (which was fun!)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing it in one week, as planned. And making use of a week that could have been spent crying into a pint of ice-cream on the couch instead.

What I learned

Not to book a plane ticket using your maiden name...

What's next for CalcEdit iPad app

No plans to update at this time! But it really could use a UI update, don't you think? ;)

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