Delicious dinners, fast foods and scintillating snacks are the images that flood our social media and our minds. As health conscious people, we wondered if there were to pull off the curtain in terms of the calorie count all these foods did to your body so people could manage their temptations and stay healthy. Thus was born the need for CalCam

What it does

CalCam is an iOS app built to take images from the camera, focused on food and immediately identify the food type as well as the standard calorie amount on the camera without any hassle

How we built it

Our project consists of two parts - an R-CNN image classification algorithm built on Python which correctly segments the food and identifies the food label and the calorie count from a database. Second, an iOS app built on Swift to incorporate this algorithm and output the food type along with calorie amount as a pop up in an user-friendly manner.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenges were: i) Shift the complex Faster R-CNN onto Swift due to constraints in the Xcode environment. ii) Building an iOS app from scratch since none of us have experimented with it before

What's next for CalCam

More food types!!

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