What it does

Enter information about your method of travel and we will calculate your carbon emissions as well as how much money you need to donate in order to offset a certain amount.

How we built it

Intended to be a WordPress plugin/widget, the calculator uses php to run a javascript file that processes all the input with css stylesheets to spice up the look.

Challenges we ran into

Basically all the APIs that calculate carbon emission were either deprecated or required us to contact the company, which would probably take more than the duration of the hackathon for us to retrieve the API key. So, we used data straight from the EPA in our calculations and even created our own version of an API using python. In addition, most of our team had never worked with php or javascript and experience in html and css was minimal, so we spent a lot of time reading about the languages and figuring out how to complete the project rather than actually coding anything. As a result, it was a time crunch to complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

  • How php, javascript, html, and css interact with each other.

What's next for Calc Your Carbon Offset

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