During the recent earthquake that hit the bay area - all our friends were sleeping sound and it was tough to call them one by one. Also, we realized that Twitter was abuzz with earthquake related tweets. So, this inspired us to build something that can make simultaneous / parallel calls to all our loved ones in the case of any natural calamity (instead of one by one) - even if we don't detect it soon enough (system would detect it based on power of data). This can be extremely effective in saving lives in case of earthquake aftershock, flood, tornadoes and much more. At the hackathon, after a discussion with Esri and WeatherGround, we also added natural calamity 'trigger' optimizations! Such as in case of wild fire, we can use wind speed and direction to determine people that are still distant to the fire but totally in the way of it. The possibilities are endless and so is the scope of saving who we love!

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