We believe that Dotsama has a great future, so we decided to develop our first application for the ecosystem: a block explorer that uses the Graphql API from Subsquid Archive.

What it does

Our block explorer (Calamar) allow users to search:

  • blocks by hash or height,
  • extrinsics by hash, name or signer address,
  • events by name.
  • can be run against different Subsquid Archives

How we built it

During development, we consulted with the HydraDX guy (Lumir Mrkva) about the UX. We asked our designer for graphics that would fit the Dotsama ecosystem, Subsquid and also have a cute impact at the same time. Finally, we programmed the frontend in React using Material design.

Challenges we ran into

Some query APIs were slow, some endpoints sometimes didn't work, also different parachains could have different data patterns when querying the same endpoints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really like how Calamar ends up looking, we hope users find it useful too.

What we learned

We definitely learned a bit more about how Dotsama works internally and how it differs from other blockchains.

What's next for Calamar

We look forward to continue to work with the Subsquid team to make Calamar better and add more features.

Built With

  • materialdesign
  • react
  • subsquid
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