Mulder & Scully. Californication.

What it does

Cal&Cali help you manage your calendar with ease, and maintain a better work-life balance. They live on your FB messenger, and have a permission to your work calendar account.

When I start Cal&Cali, they scan my past, current and future calendar events, greet me accordingly, and provide an insight on my schedule.

Cal&Cali have only 2 functions: Cal has “Find time with” - to set meetings, and Cali is in charge of “Making time for” things that are simply more important.

Comparing to any calendar, Cal offers by far the easiest way to set a meeting with a colleague, I enter a name and that’s it. Cal finds our nearest available time, suggests, and sends the invite. Very easy!

Cali is more aggressive. If I ask her to make time for “Yoga” on Thursday, 6pm, she will understand my natural language, clear this time slot, and send new invites to reschedule any conflicting meetings…

How we built it

we a lot of love. and bots. Under the hood we stuffed some ruby sinatra hosted on heroku, a lot of google api calls to your calendar, some facebook graph api calls, and a pinch of facebook messanger platform api magic. oh and random giphy images. we love those.

Challenges we ran into

We discovered that it's SUPER difficult to authenticate your calendar inside the messanger platform webview.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

a clear, intuitive and easy way, to interact with your work calendar, and free some time for yourself in this crazy dog eat dog world.

What we learned

That google oauth does not like webviews. like, really does not like those.

What's next for Cal&Cali

World fame, work-life balance restored to the masses.

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