We wanted to create a platform that students could use to more easily keep track of their projects from the command line

What it does

cal allows the student to organize their projects and integrate their repositories with Autolab software such that they can submit easier than ever before!

How I built it

Our team used Python to develop the bulk of the project, then used Poetry, a Python packaging tool.

Challenges I ran into

Autolab integration with our version was impossible to do because we needed official authentication that would take weeks and would potentially not be given to us, so we had to come up with new functionality to add, so we instead do a lookup to the page that your project is located so you can submit yourself!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My team worked together really well, and we managed to make a bit that I am interested in using!

What I learned

Spending more time planning the project as we did is good, but also researching to ensure that certain paths would be viable in a short amount of time is also important.

What's next for cal

We would like to continue working on it as a package. I am considering rewriting it in C so that we can actually properly compile and package the program.

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