Inspiration & Instructions

Is it your birthday? Is it your 2 years anniversary today? YOU need a cake! But how? CakeBox is here for you. Sit tight and message with "I want a cake for [name]", type your address, then choose the cake you want, and confirm with "ok" (or exit the chat and make CakeBoxBot sad). Once your order is confirmed, Postmates (and Pusheen maybe) will deliver the cake to you from the closest bakery to your location. All transactions are done in cash. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE TO AUTHORIZE THE CAKEBOX APP BEFORE YOU CAN SEND IT MESSAGES.

What it does

CakeBoxBot is a Messenger bot that will order you a cake on-demand instantly by calling the Postmates API on our own server (with the encouragement of Pusheen and xkcd).

How we built it

We wanted to experiment with messaging bots since they are a popular emerging technology. We built CakeBoxBot with node.js, hosted it on heroku, and we picked Facebook as our bot platform.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how to connect the front and back ends of our application took the most time, but we realized that we didn't actually need to add that much to our frontend if we used Facebook Messenger, which is esPUSHEENly great!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cake cake cake

What we learned

Teamwork! And bots are hard! And fun! And cake!

What's next for CakeBoxBot


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