My mom's a baker who has been doing really great work for a long time. All of her orders are taken either over the phone or in person; they're kept on paper. Even the most organized, responsible people, can let paper get away from them once in a while, so my mom's run into her fair share of lost order fiascos. Ordering cakes has changed a lot over the years. Before, customers would drop by and ask to see my mom's physical portfolio so they could choose a cake! Now, she's being asked for a link-- one she doesn't have. I wanted to make my mom a site that would allow her to receive orders electronically and display all of her work.

What it does

If I'm being honest, it doesn't do much, but we'll hear more about that in the challenges I ran into portion. Right now, the user navigate to contact info, a gallery, and a form. The user can also submit a form!

How I built it

I went through an HTML/CSS tutorial and decided I wouldn't focus on functionality but focus on appearance, design. From there, I just researched how to do the things I knew I wanted on my page!

Challenges I ran into

I wanted so badly to create a gallery with horizontal scrolling, but I couldn't quite figure it out without having to heavily adjust the photos to the format-- even in that scenario, half of the photo was cut off. I made a vertical pane that allowed me to scroll and then rotated it ninety degrees counterclockwise, but it just didn't work out, so I cut it altogether.

I also struggled with the navigation bar. I knew I wanted it to follow the user so they could navigate to anywhere on the page from anywhere on the page. Thankfully, I was able to figure that out; however, when the bar meets the three headers, like contacts, reviews, and history, the words appear on the navigation bar. I wasn't able to figure out how to fix it.

I also had a really difficult time deciding on a color scheme. I knew coming in that I wanted to focus on the design more than any of the functionality, so I took this portion really seriously. I'm still not satisfied with the result, but I hope to figure it out soon!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud of my layout. I came in with an image in mind. I wanted my site to be representative of what I like when I visit other webpages, and for the most part, I could respect the way it was set up. I was also super proud of myself when I fixed the navigation bar so it would travel with the user.

What I learned

I learned to let small details be adjusted later. I spent way too much time on the little things I couldn't quite figure out, and it really took a toll on my overall progress. Making temporary decisions on marginal aspects of the project is okay, and I'm glad I learned that!

I also learned a lot about CSS and HTML. It's been a while since I worked with it, so I was pretty scared, but I think it all turned out okay!

What's next for Pasteles

Something I would really like to implement is an interactive cake-builder, one that would allow users to, more or less, have an idea of the cake they're ordering and adjust accordingly. I would also love to incorporate my own form, one that tailors to my mom's needs without any restrictions! Of course, my number one priority is to get a gallery with horizontal scroll going exactly where I want it.

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