Inspired by Not Hotdog, we created our very own localised CaiOrNot app to resolve the age-old woes of accidentally ordering rou when you intended to order cai. Gone are the days where a stray ninja prawn has stolen 50 cents from your wallet and the happiness from your day!

What it does

Our convolutional neural network will process the image sent by your phone, and determine how much it seems to be cai. A "100% cai" rating helps you to go ahead and order the dish without worry! There's no longer a need to have awkward conversations with the store owner on whether a certain dish is cai. Just take out your phone, open our app, take a photo of each dish, submit it to your system, wait a few seconds, and get a result. So fast and simple!

Too busy to snap a photo? For the on-the-move go-getter like you, there's our augmented reality feature which, when given a photo of the entire array of dishes provided by the caifan stall, detects the cai dishes in the picture and marks them as safe. Go ahead and order those dishes without protest from your wallet!

Afraid of complicated payment processes? Not to worry! Our revolutionary state-of-the-art in-house cryptocurrency CaiCoin is there to eliminate all your payment troubles. Just pay us, and we will exchange your precious money into even more precious CaiCoin! CaiCoin is even secured with blockchain technology, which ensures that your transactions are safe and secure.

How we built it

The neural network portion of CaiOrNot is made with Keras, a Python deep learning library. We collated a bunch of photos from Google Images of common vegetable and meat dishes, and trained our neural network to classify between them. We managed to hit a testset accuracy of about 85%. Our "augmented reality" applet is made by finding areas of green in the image, and then using K-means clustering to identify possible cai dishes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to utilise deep learning, augmented reality, and blockchain to solve a problem that absolutely should not be solved by these means. In this way, we have successfully emulated what many tech companies today have done. We are endlessly proud of how far CaiOrNot has come, and are extremely excited for its future as a booming startup.

What's next for CaiOrNot

We are looking forward to integrating further features into our app. We are looking into a partnership with HPB to integrate cai detection into the Healthy 365 app. Buy more cai and scan them to earn HealthPoints!

Team Members

53 - Chang Si Yuan
79 - Zhang Guangxuan
80 - Pang Wen Yuen
85 - Lim Li

Built With

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