Caffeine 4 Me was inspired by a group member who was upset with the fact he had to reprogram his coffee machine every night, since he woke up at different times each day. We decided to solve this problem by creating Caffeine 4 Me. Caffeine 4 Me is a simple solution to the problem. We took an ordinary cheap coffee maker, and added cloud functionality allowing for many additional features. The target user is anyone who is looking for a cheap coffee maker that has the more advanced features than a more expensive one. The coffee machine is connected to the cloud with a Tessel via wifi, allowing a user to visit a user friendly web page on his/her mobile device to start and stop their coffee maker. It also allows them to schedule multiple times for the coffee maker to enable itself on a calendar.

We are extremely proud of our solution in the short amount of time we had. We control the coffee maker using two relays, one relay that applies 9V to a stronger relay connected to the coffee maker. We had to do this because we couldn't find one specific relay we needed, so we used the resources we had and we decided to put them in series. There is a LED indicating brew status which we found extremely helpful. Our proudest part of our solution is the cloud connectivity and how it just all "works" together.

Generic Description: Welcome to "Caffeine 4 Me" The cloud based coffee that makes your life simpler. Caffeine 4 Me enables an affordable coffee maker with cloud connectivity and advanced scheduling features. Designed to be simple and cost effective, Caffeine 4 Me makes it easy to program your coffee maker. Gone are the days of using a difficult and frustrating interface on your coffee maker. Configure your coffee maker using your web browser, right in the cloud. Start and stop your coffee maker anywhere in the world, schedule your coffee maker to make you coffee on your schedule for different days of the week, and pull events from your Google Calendar to automatically have a hot cup brewed and ready to (coming soon).

Why is it useful? Other then the amazing reasons stated above, there are plenty of reasons why "Caffeine 4 Me" is useful. Check out our video demonstrating one of the many helpful ways Caffeine 4 Me is used.

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