collaborate, curate, read news (an RSS reader with filters, and filter sharing via blockstack)


This project is under heavy development. It works to the point you can hover over most things, but there are profound useability issues, no unit tests, and no public scrutiny. All these are welcome via pull request, email to or even just stars on github. If you are a serious contributor, we will encourage more of the same via split on bounties.


git clone
cd cafe-society
npm install
npm run start

team (only add your own name):

inspiration and gratitude

todo: user interface (react/redux)

  • install redux layout
  • friendsList
  • feedlist
  • friends feeds
  • friends filters
  • news articles
  • material ui all over everything
  • screenshots
  • solicit feedback
  • open app with new articles selected
  • add spinner for sluggish article download
  • fix the header to the top (currently disappears on scroll)
  • add a toggle source button
  • prep for blockstack dApp
  • memoize fetch lists for faster load
  • add source friend to filter items
  • auto save to blockstack after editing lists
  • add "sections" list editor like current friends list editor, apply sections tag to filters
  • new add filter controls adjacent to new article so the section tag will be automatically added
  • add "sections" ability to pull info (or not) from a friend based on sections
  • add "sections" to the navbar (currently headlines could be sports, classifieds, etc)



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