Y Mae

Y Mae : YHacks Fall 2016 Project by Trevor, Kristy, and Mike. Also shoutout to Chris Tine for teaching us about Canada and enabling us to temporarily join forces before a rogue API took her as a casualty.

Y Mae is a web app to make Fannie Mae's house management easier. Field agents and office analysts can collaborate on necessary tasks for locations that need inspections and restoration, and all progress can be reported through a simple task completion system.

The app has an emphasis on design, with hand-picked images that were transformed into the styles of other artists through Google's Magenta Tensorflow Framework throughout the app.

We intended to do more including using embedded sensors to report information such as temperature and deliver alerts in the event of issues as well as making the system more date-driven through scheduling systems with late notices. Unfortunately, we were chained by our decision to use Django. Although Django proudly ships its version 1.10, we found that it was only stable on version 1.9. And then we found that it was only stable on version 1.8. And maybe if we had another day we'd probably have to move to version 1.7 for some reason, but we have school tomorrow so we don't get that luxury.

Written in Django (Unchained) and Jade. Django is not as fun as Node.Js, do not recommend trying.

Hosted online using 1&1 @

We did not suffer from any dearth of pizza during the making of this app.

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