We wanted to try out some of the new technology that would be provided at hackathon, but had no idea what we would do with it. We ended up talking about Iron Man and 3D modeling, and came up with the idea of CAD virtual reality object viewer.

What it does

Views any imported 3D .obj model in Oculus Rift virtual reality environment mounted with a Leap Motion for viewing controls.

How we built it

1 hour - grab swag, order hardware, eat lunch. 4 hours - brainstorm nothing. 1 hour - download older version of unity. 1 hour - try to fix oculus runtime. 4 hours - try to decipher leap orion documentation. 1 hour - download leap v2, learn leap v2 library. 1 hour - eat pizza. 1 hour - implemented leap v2, oculus runtime .8 magically works. 7 hours - configure leap controls. [retarded rotation] 2 hours - create new system of leap controls. 1 hour - create app image, splash art, app name, compile everything, fix bugs, add screenshot capability.

Challenges we ran into

See above.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Configuring Oculus Runtime, figuring out Leap documentation, and fixing our buggy project 30 minutes before the deadline.

What we learned

How to develop an application for unity, leap, and oculus together.

What's next for CADVR

More fluid controls, support various cad file types, multiple objects in one scene, etc.

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