Caducée is a digital decentralized prescription system for doctors, pharmacies, and patients.

It comes as a solution to various problems we have identified:

  1. As Patients travel, it is difficult for prescriptions to be fulfilled by ‘local’ pharmacies.
  2. Patients (elderly/disabled especially) are unable to transparently ‘designate’ a person to pickup medication
  3. Patients can fraudulently purchase drugs multiple times - the ‘double buying’ of medication.
  4. Pharmacies are susceptible to fake prescriptions & insurance fraud
  5. Pharmacies are unable to authenticate ‘designated person’

The Doctor writes a prescription – including the Patient address – and sends it on the (ETH) blockchain.

The Pharmacist can then access the prescription and append information if the Patient bought medication at their pharmacy.

Finally, the Patients can access all of their prescriptions –past and present –, the information provided by the Pharmacist – how many drugs has he bought – but also access all the information provided by the Laboratory.

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