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Most of us have trouble with managing finances and Buying items over the budget. So, we decided to create an expense tracker website to help you out. The main reason you should track your expenses is to identify and eliminate wasteful spending habits in your financial life. Moreover, consistently tracking your expenses will help you maintain control of your finances, and promote better financial habits like saving and investing.

What it does

In our website you can add your expenses income and find your total balance you have. You can delete the income and expenses from the list if don't require it.

How I built it

We built using Html, CSS and Java Script

Challenges I ran into

One challenge that we ran into was managing my time while working on this project. There were so many workshops or other fun events going on that we often found ourselves deciding between working on this project or attending another workshop/event. In addition, deciding the features to include was a challenge. We had so many different ideas, and knew that we wouldn’t be able to implement all of them, and could only choose a few.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that in just a few hours, we was able to create a code a fully functional website, build a slide deck, and record & edit the pitch video. We was also able to learn a lot from this hackathon, using technologies that we had barely touched previously, which We're proud that we was able to do!

What I learned

Doing research for this website definitely opened our eyes to how people find hard to manage the expenses -- and how important it is to work towards a solution to the problem. On the more technical side, we learned a lot about how to use format elements on the webpage. Overall though, since I’m still fairly new to web development, with every project I create, I learn something new; whether it be creating a certain element or just designing the overall page.

What's next for Cado Expense Tracker

In future we would like to expand the website with more features. Like adding calendar feature which helps to track daily expenses. And providing a graph of monthly expenses to know them in which stuff they spent the most and least.

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