Inspiration I'm an avid music listener and am always looking for more music. Considering my passion for music and our groups love for coding and learning new technologies - we decided we'd make a project to analyze people's listening habits and recommend music most fit for their listening tastes.

What it does

Grabs playlist data from a user, and generates a new recommended playlist based on similar artists.

How we built it

FrontEnd login with Firebase using a bootstrap template, talks to a node js server to get a spotify api token to send to a python server to generate recommendations.

Challenges we ran into

Sending GET/POST Requests with the spotify api to the backend python server Node.js, Firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud

Our logo, design of dashboard

What we learned

How to use the spotify api, firebase, node.js

What's next for Cadence

better recommendations, less hacky frontend, log in to facebook thing. Visualization graph of connections Searching

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