There are so many people in this world, speaking different languages. It is hard for everyone to understand another person when language is a barrier. More so, when it comes to professionalism, especially in the healthcare industry, patients have to completely understand what doctors are telling them. And sometimes it is just tough for a person to learn numerous languages to convey their message to people. While doctors may utilize English as a means to communicate, not everyone has a powerful command of English or sometimes nowhere near proficient to effectively communicate with a doctor to convey symptoms or to easily understand the doctor's diagnosis

What it does

Cadence is a 3 part program. ------FIRST------ We have a speech translation service to translate from almost any language to English, this is mostly used by patients to keep the doctor informed of any information. ------SECOND------ The information is then evaluated by a doctor. The doctor then replies with an input or any pertaining information, which is automatically translated back into a language that the patient is comfortable with. The overall information that is kept by the app, easy-to-understand visuals are constructed to convey the diagnosis of the doctor and to keep track of the patient's overall health. ------THIRD------ Should the patient have any more concerns, there is a "doctor bot" which the patient or doctor can ask questions to be provided concise answers quickly about symptoms.

How we built it

The linguistic translation process works by having speech be transcribed into text with Tropo, an API by Cisco. Then that transcription is translated from the selected language into English through the Google Translate API. Finally, the translated text is played back to the user through the use of the Text-To-Speech service, also by Tropo. The Bot was created on Cisco Spark using their chat-room service, which is able to host a bot.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge was to link all the APIs together, especially for the translation aspect of the app. The process to invoke Tropo then Google and finally back to Tropo was easier said than done. It was indeed a struggle to link them together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team collaborated together and managed to come a long way to develop such an application involving multiple technologies, despite not having all of the expertise needed. Many hours were put into making Cadence happen, and the outcome of it is astounding.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the process of making an application from scratch. Everything from design, programming to touch-ups and execution was an intense process. The team also had to quickly pick some new languages up, which is a long-run accomplishment.

What's next for Cadence

Cadence may seem to be an intuitive and simple application, it has the potential to become something much more useful and powerful. It would be of sheer happiness and pleasure if a company were to adopt Cadence and continue to develop the app to allow patients and doctors to communicate more effectively.

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