Traditional CAD programs require you to think about how splines work, or draw in 2D and then extrude your actual shape. What if you could just draw in the air instead?

What it does

CADBox is a 3D localization box which detects the position of your hand and allows you to record points in 3D, with real-time feedback.

How we built it

The sensor is based on the detuned heterodyne oscillator, using OpenTheremin. Each of the four antennae detects a position, and then we triangulate to localize your position within the box in 3D space.

Comparison to other 3d localization techniques


Compared to camera-based solutions, CADBox is much less computationally intensive. This allows for more frequent updates, so that latency is reduced while you're working.

Ultrasonic walls

Compared to a wall of ultrasonic sensors, CADBox is much more scalable. For each small fixed area of wall you want to cover, you need more ultrasonic sensors, wiring, and management. Meanwhile for CADBox, simply extending the length of the antenna gives you more space to work with.

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