When we purchase products, we are constantly getting receipts, whether it is paper based or email based. It is often difficult to keep track of paper receipts as you can lose it and current methods of sorting e-receipts are still cluttered in your inbox. Furthermore, when we have to do our taxes, we have to report our expenses like professional memberships, childcare, etc. The government lets you deduct a portion of your expenses from income, which means if you earn $30,000 and have $5,000 of expenses, they will charge tax on $25,000 not $30,000.

What it does

Cache makes it easy to keep track of all your e-receipts. It allows the user to organize base on category and track expenses.

How we built it

We designed Cache using sketch and Figma, while we created the platform using HTML5, CSS5 and Javascript.

What's next for Cache

In the future, we would like Cache to be able to sort individual items on the receipt and categorize it by item. Furthermore, we would like a mobile application that users can take pictures of their receipts and have it directly upload to the platform.

Built With

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