In our city, and other cities in our country, pot-holes are an everyday problem because we always find at least a couple when we drive to work, or any other place. Sometimes so big that on rainy day's car's have dived like sinking ships inside a huge pothole. This raises some questions: ¿How can I find the safest way home that doesn't take forever? ¿Who and how are the road conditions being supervised, prioritized and fixed? This is where Cacha Baches (Pothole Catcher) comes in

What it does

Cacha Baches is a platform that starts with a mobile app that lets users see their gps position in the map and the position of every pothole that has been reported close tho them, it allows users to quickly and easily report the position of new potholes, and it also has the capability to detect bumps in the road and pro-actively ask the user if they just ran into a pothole to help them create a report. The other side is the database that collects the data from all the potholes and records position, aging time, size, and other key data. This enables the placement of potholes on the map in the mobile phone and gives users reporting capabilities to analyze affected areas, monitor the time taken to fix, and other useful information.

How we built it

We built the code for the phone apps in react-native using javascript to have easy compatibility with iOS and Android, the database was built in mySQL and PHP for the API that interfaces the two

Challenges we ran into

mySQL gave us some hard time due to the different version languages and the compatibility issues that this brings, another challenge was that for react-native we had some trouble finding documentation and libraries regarding some advanced gps positioning functionalities that worked in both Android and iOS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the challenges we found, we are very proud because we completed a working app with the main functionalities that we proposed in the 24 hour hackathon

What we learned

There are so many diferent coding languages and ways to approach a problem with programming, experience and experimentation are key to becoming proficient in finding the best approaches to attack a problem

What's next for Cacha Baches

Continue developing our knowledge so that this and other projects that we thought about while preparing for the hackathon can become real products that make peoples live's better.

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