The goal of our app Cabrini is to create a web portal that displays relevant information for prospective immigrants and connect them with people with similar backgrounds.


It is very difficult for immigrants to find information relevant to their current situation. There are too many different road paths based on different situations. There is a sea of information online and it's difficult to figure out which one applies. Furthermore, many greedy individuals take advantage of prospective immigrants by providing incorrect resources and charging an excessive amount of fees.

In Los Angeles, there are local organizations/foreign government offices for almost every ethnicity/country that can help immigrants from similar backgrounds to succeed. Community outreach is always difficult since people that are here illegally are often scared to seek help.

Our application will provide a private way for immigrants to connect with local organizations and receive personalized help on their immigration goals.


Our app consists of an website, an android app, and an ios app. The application interface is localized for the user's language of choice.

The two main components are as follows:

Matching prospective immigrants with local organizations: Visitors will fill out some basic info and they will be matched with a local organization representative that specializes in that area (for example, student visa) and speaks the same languages as the user. They will be able to chat and communicate directly in the app.

A personalized To-do list for prospective immigrants: Once connected, a local organization can create a step-by-step guide personalized for the specific user using existing templates based on common immigration processes. This helps both the immigrant and local org to keep track of the immigrant's current situation.

Interesting Fact of Name

The name of the app came from Frances Xavier Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants. Built With

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