When was the last time you took a picture of something you want to remember, but then it gets lost on your phone? You have to scroll back through hundreds of thumbnails looking for it...

Or have you wanted to introduce someone you met at a trade show a few months ago to one of your colleagues? But their name and company escapes you, so you have to spend an hour on LinkedIn to find her...

Or you're going to a dinner party and forgot the name of your colleague’s wife who you met at the company picnic?

We live in an age of information overload and data overload. Our mobile phones can access a world of information at our fingertips. And they can generate even more. But the information is so vast that we can't recall it quickly enough in the situation where we need it. Only the super-organized people can come up with a complex workflow in Evernote and adhere to it. But that's too difficult for most of us.

So we need something easier. Something that is optimized for mobile and photos, which are the easiest ways of capturing information, as well as accessing it. We are naturally visual - that’s how we perceive the world.

But why isn’t there a notepad that’s centered on pictures - easily capturing them, interpreting them and searching them? A picture is worth 1000 words, right?

What it does

Cabinet is a mobile app that lets you take pictures and jot notes about the things you want to remember. It's optimized for speed and convenience, as those are the major reasons why we don't record important information. The information is searchable and hashtags are supported to categorize information.

The design is inspired by social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram and Slack. They have evolved to be easy to use for capturing photos and text. But the data you put on these apps is destined for sharing with other people. The data is collected and analyzed to characterize you for their advertising purposes.

Cabinet is just for you. The data is stored locally on your phone, and any algorithms run on the text or data are run locally on your phone.

What's next for Cabinet

Whatever my beta testers say is important :)

Other than that, NLP to analyze the content and sentiment of the text, ML to do the same for photos, cloud sync, encryption and integration with other databases such as CRM.

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