We thought that the transfer of files in the modern age of information was far too slow and insecure. In order to transfer files, the contents of the files and the information of the users goes through a centralized database. That allows for insecure networks where data can get lost. Now, what if we told you that secure, fast, and decentralized applications can help rule that out?

What it does

Peer to peer file transfer and file share.

How we built it

Files were first added to IPFS. Their content hashes were then encrypted and placed in a distributed hash tree after validation by the other users. Files were then retrieved from IPFS using their content hashes.

Challenges we ran into

Peer to peer connections / Tree broadcast

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an alternative to traditional block chains and transferring files faster and safer.

What we learned

Using UDP for peer to peer connections on local networks and different methods of distributing data on a decentralized network.

What's next for Cabinet

Correct tree system, develop GUI, add chat system, and deploying it globally.


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