As young children, we were always fascinated by games including Slender, and today, Five NightsA of Freddy's. These games often heightened the adrenaline pumped through our body, as we continuously craved for more playtime with these games. As these horror/escape games deliver thrill to a player, we aimed to create a program that would allow users to feel frightened and excited by the plot of the game at the same time.

How it works

At the beginning, the user wakes up in an old cabin, not knowing how he or she arrived there. Attempting to escape, the user is faced with his/her current problem and is given 2 options, one that could harm them substantially and one that saves them (for now). The user attempts to escape through all the situations before the battery life, located in the upper right corner, is depleted. Once the battery life reaches 0, the game is over. The game is filled with twists that play with the user's decision making.

Challenges I ran into

We decided to challenge ourselves by creating an app purely out of HTML and Javascript. Learning how to code it correctly, a lot of errors were simply in the syntax, as the complexities of the program forced us to create careful planning and locate any minor errors that could result in a non successful program. We originally wanted to make it a mobile app, but we had to switch to web midway through the hackathon due to some issues with the Android SDK and our mobile device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Some accomplishments that we are proud of including making a game out of HTML and Javascript and utilizing animations to allow the user to visualize the situation clearly. We are also proud of learning how to import sound into our HTML webpage, as it was a struggle determining which code was the most efficient in inserting sound.

What I learned

We learned that planning is an important factor in coding- you need to know which classes, pages, and items you will need in order to create a successful as well as organized program. Another important aspect that we learned from this project was the patience needed in order to create a successful program. Although we encountered a multitude of obstacles, it took perseverance and hard work to create the game. Never give up when you reach a bump in the road, simply find an alternative route.

What's next for Cabin Chaos

We want to be able to randomize the panels so that the user does not know what part of the adventure is coming next. In addition, we want to add a backpack option where the user can view his/her stored items. We want to incorporate more interaction between the user and the game environment in the future.

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