To create One click token deployment using NEO3 infrastructure.
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What it does

The CaaS (Compiler as a service) Project for NEO.

Online NEO3 C# to NEO VM bytecode editor/compiler/deployer with the built-in ready to use NEP11/NEP17 templates.

Also it contains NEO NODE CLI extension to support command completion and history.

How we built it

It contains standalone .net core web service that's linked wit the NEO dev tools alongside with self-hosted angular editor app. Also it contains own Neo NODE RPC Extension plugin that does the deployment job.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our own .NET Compiler based on NEO dev tools;
  • Extended NODE RPC API;
  • Open API bridge between wallets or http portals;
  • Command-line auto-completion and history improvements for NEO NODE;

What's next for CaaS for NEO3

  • New features like editor/debugger;
  • Signing TXs by user wallet (now it's from Hot one);
  • More RPC extensions;
  • Deployed contracts name/symbol DDNS registrar;

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