"Seeing is believing", this quote by Dr. Newsha Ajami who did a research on visualizing California's drought demonstrated the significance of visualizing data. Inspired by her quote, I wanted to create something that could create the same effect of "Seeing is believing". Through a series of need-finding interviews, I realized that many California residents living in our community lacked knowledge and understanding of any water-related issues that were occurring in our local area. And some were reluctant to drink tap water, because they were concerned about the safety level of their drinking water. The need-fining interview inspired me to build an app for California residents who want to know about water conservation issues and be aware of safe drinking water through visuals.

What it does

The main purpose of the app is to create a user-friendly online platform where users can visualize their personal, local, community-wise water use. All the contents on the app help raise awareness and promote a better understanding of water use and conservation. The app has the following 4 main functions:

  1. provides a summary of personal water footprint after the user enters the data
  2. provides a summary of the safety levels of the user's local area
  3. has a main newsfeed that provides local reports on water-related issues
  4. forms community discussions where users talk about water-related issues

How I built it

I built the wireframe though the Sketch program and added the interactive component of the app through Invision.

Challenges I ran into

I faced the greatest challenge of selecting the right data and simplifying it in order to create user-friendly visuals and summaries. The decision-making process of determining the important data was the most challenging part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I created something that can encourage people to take action and knowledgeable. Every change comes from awareness and I really like how my app can impact any California users on a daily basis.

What I learned

I learned most from the testing process. My prototype iterations changed dramatically after receiving the feedback from the users. I learned a lot about the data used for water-related issues and my understanding of water safety and awareness developed throughout the app-building process.

What's next for CA Water Awareness App

I hope to come up with marketing strategies to raise awareness about this app!

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