Crimes are ubiquitous. Just in the US, there is a child being sexually assaulted every eight minutes. Every forty seconds, a child goes missing. On average, 90,000 people are missing in the USA at any given time, according to Todd Matthews from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. Whether these crimes involve kidnapping, rape, or murder, having a phone to contact 911 is crucial to returning to a condition of safety. When being pressured by the criminal, it’s hard to dial 911 due to how conspicuous the action is. That's where C911 comes in to the picture.

What it does

C911 works from the lock screen of your phone and accesses the calling and texting capabilities of the device. When activated by a motion sensor, it acts like an amber alert and texts people deemed "safe" by prior background checks within a specific radius of the phone, police institutions, and emergency contacts about the location of the individual. The application also calls 911 to allow the individual to alert law enforcement as quickly as possible. To ensure that the attacker remains unaware of the call, the application only presents a black screen, and is activated by a specific button press on the individual’s device or a physical motion that would not accidentally occur. The constant location tracking guarantees that even if the individual is moved, someone who is trusted knows where to find them.

How we built it

C911 was built using HTML and CSS, but we are also working on a mobile application for both Android and IOS. Those will likely be deployed in the future.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the multitude of features that we were aiming to include was difficult, especially sending a text upon the individual's location changing and activating the application with a specific button pattern on the device. We did not have the resources or experience to fully do so, and the time constraint made completing the project more difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of what we managed to accomplish in less than twelve hours, including implementing most of the features that we intended to have. Our application is fully functional as it is, and texts the trusted people when activated.

What we learned

Most of us had little to no experience, and so all aspects of this project added to our learning.

What's next for C911

In the future, we hope to continue working on our Android and IOS applications and improving the website. To make C911 even more effective, we aim to implement it in a wearable device that will be kept closer to individuals, such as in a watch or jewelry.

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