People with chronic autoimmune diseases are high frequency healthcare users. They regularly visit a vast range of healthcare providers including specialists, labs, medical imaging, infusion centers, physical therapists, psychologists and many others. Patients may also track their own health, including through devices and using biometric sensors, plus results from Microbiome and DNA analysis. This accumulates vast amount of data that would be beneficial to securely share across the care team to ensure everybody are on the same page.

The average doctor's visit for the typical autoimmune patient consists of a consult with the specialist, a lab visit to draw blood, medical imaging to check the status of joints and a stop by the pharmacy to update prescriptions. During the week, the patient may have an infusion at an outpatient center or visit a physical therapy practice. As patients may experience symptom flareups on little notice, they may have to visit new doctors when outside the service area of their regular doctor, such as during travel.

Many providers provide patient portals to review results or make appointments. Yet, there is no easy way to obtain access to all records and transfer information from provider to another. Healthcare records are maintained in silos with the most up to date access provided via fax. All patients should be able to immediately access their own records. We believe that healthcare data belongs to patients. Access to your data is a basic human right.

For this project, we use blockchain to distribute each patients medical data across their care team. Each patient has their own sidechain shared with their care team. It maintains a persistent state for each patients, updated when there are events such as doctor's visits or measurements.

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