Our inspiration for this project is something that our university initiated. This appathon further pushed us for working towards the same goal. We wanted to contribute in some way so we thought of creating the app.

What it does

Our app's main goal is to reduce carbon footprint at local level. It tackles the problem of over usage at household level which then can help better improve society and then the whole country(s).

How we built it

We built a wireframe showcasing its Front end and Back End using Figma and PowerPoint presentation.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first hackathon. So we were clueless at the start. But we eventually got to know the working and were able to complete this appathon. We also worked at different places so it was difficult to keep in touch and had to iterate more than usual.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As it was our first hackathon, we are proud of participation. We are proud of taking our first step of bringing our imagination to life. We are proud of starting a new life as entrepreneur. Most of all, the amount of experience earned over shadows anything else.

What we learned

Team work is of utmost importance. How hackathons work

What's next for C4- Carbon footprint calculator (Coding Geeks)

We would like to work on the back end of this app. That is on ML and coding. Try and bring this app into the world as more than a wireframe. We want to make it possible so that people with breathing problems could see the conditions( that is carbon levels, air quality, etc) of their travel destination and could take precautionary measures.

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