CCC is a platform for on-chain creation and collaboration. It takes advantage of Dfinity’s low threshold in order to introduce Web2 creators to Web3. We noticed that there are a few creators that use blockchain technology. OpenSea, for example, has only a few hundred thousand users.

Acknowledging that there are over 200 million creators in the world, we believe that a connector is now needed in order to help them get into web3, which guarantees full asset ownership and much more decentralization. Our protocol is Build in between two blockchains, the creation level on the Internet Computer blockchain, while all our data are stored on IPFS/Filecoin.

The CCC protocol goal is to formulate creation agreements, transaction agreements, and cross-chain agreements. Our protocol is fully open and permissionless, implementing a closer connection between creators, collectors, and the web3. Deck link:

What it does

It's the first entirely decentralized collaborative platform, for artwork creation, users can create individually or in a collaborative way on chain, buy or sell artwork. Recently we added a new feature that allows creators to Co-create with their fans or community member by forking artwork.

How we built it

We started development around September 2021, on the internet computer Blockchain. Tutorial article about the Co-Creation: On-Chain Co-Creation by 988 users (Primary version)

Challenges we ran into

Took a few months to learn Motoko, and then started writing the contract, a team was gathered and then a few months later we started operating and creating products.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So far the protocol is fully functional, and has been used by ten of thousands of users, and along the way we have been granted two Dfinity Grants as well as Hackathons.

What we learned

Perseverance, belief in ourself and our team. And positivity.

What's next for C3-Protocol (Co-Created Collectibles)

We intent to keep building new features and tools toward our goal which is making web3 mainstream and used by millions of Creators all around the world.

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