We were driving on the road to this hackathon and the car in front of us had their brake lights out. We tried flashing our lights at them, but they either could not see the flashes or did not know what was wrong.

What it does

C2C is an app that allows drivers to communicate with each other on the road.

How I built it

We used android development to build the bluetooth and front end of the app, while we used flask to build the sever and database

Challenges I ran into

Being able to sense where other cars were in position to you became a challenge early on. So instead of getting positional data through bluetooth, we opted to find the cars in general proximity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of creating this app and developing something that can be used on the road without any user interaction expect speech.

What I learned

Over the course of building this app, we learned that bluetooth capabilities are a lot weaker and less accurate than we originally thought. Optimization of the sever was required in order to get our results back on time.

What's next for C2C

We plan on building more features for C2C, creating a native ai that can help access the server a lot quicker. We will try to make sure that the server can handle multiple requests concurrently. And that positional location sensing can become available to the user.

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