A11Y / Accessibility for digital products is really important to us as a team and for the tech industry in general. People with limited physical movement should have the chance to play as many games as able bodied people, so we made Keepie Uppie.

Creating an app with biometric controls was also something we've never done before so we focused on creating an app that used this style of interface design to work on our own skills.

What it does

Keepie Uppie is a simple iOS game where you control a football boot using the direction of your eyes gaze to keep a bouncing ball in the air.

Every time you kick the ball into the air, you score a point, and the crowd cheers!

How we built it

Product first - not tech first We clearly defined our goal, the MVP and every subsequent stage, user journeys, the screens, func/non func' requirements, components, and assets required.

We collaborated on Figma to design screens, components, assets, and colour schemes.

Built in swift with AR Kit and the True Depth Camera

Challenges we ran into

Design / UX

  • Ensuring that all colours where A11Y compliant
  • Information Architecture was appropriate
  • Careful of scope creep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working as a team to successfully break down a more complex game into smaller manageable product release stages. Breaking up game features and components into stages; MVP/Bronze, Silver and Gold allowed us to be focused on getting something working first, then building from there.


Design / UX

  • Gaining hands on UX design experience
  • Gaining greater understanding of the product design process
  • Mentoring others in UX design

What we learned

Design / UX

  • Learning how to use the Figma design tool
  • Enhancing existing Figma skills (layouts, components, styles)
  • Game logic


  • how to make a game in swift for the first time

What's next for ViR

If it's not already - push it live to the App Store.


  • Animate boot so it kicks on contact with ball
  • Add 'bonus multiplier' feature and logic


  • Create a leaderboard
  • Add an easter egg

Built With

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