Many people feel it difficult to share their ideas or communicate with one another because they feel themselves not to have a good communication skill set. The reason for this might be, because they didn't find the proper resources to learn from or else they can't afford to learn from good resources. We build this App so that everyone can access it from any part of the world and can build his/her communication skills to level best .

What it does:

This app can be used to improve the skills like speaking, reading and writing in any language, so that it will be much easier for the people to be fluent, accurate in that particular language whichever language they wanted to learn.

How we built it

We have a team of 5 members so we divided the project into 5 major parts which are as: 1)Login/Signup 2)Speaking 3)Reading 4)Writing 5)Assessment Report.

Challenges we ran into:

Although we have built this design with ease and comfort, but it was a little bit difficult to build the wire-frames in Figma for the very first time and build an effective application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

To build a good wireframe of an application within a short span of time duration.

What we learned?

We learnt about how to create wireframes for the mobile as well as web applications and also how to build a good design.

What's next for C1 - Spoke-Ify

We will try to add more features in the app so that everything that is to be needed to learn a language could be integrated into a single application and start developing the application.

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