A story of a 97 year old gentleman who is unable to obtain a home care package because of the waiting list (National Priority Queue). He wishes to exercise his dignity of risk to remain at home till his final days. He struggles with loneliness and longs for more knowledgeable human connections and information. He also gets frustrated with using technology and the internet to do things that seem to be expected in maintaining a stable home life.

What it does

Allows an aged person living at home to connect to like-minded people to engage in conversation via a video and audio conferencing system with voice activated speaker and video monitor.

Challenges we ran into

The discovery of suitable Information technology applications, the complexity of video conferencing, the danger of cross talk, the on boarding and roll out of the suitable devices for the potential Aged Care end users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The collaborative and passionate intentions of the Hackathon CU Soon project team and their commitment to resolve the real human ageing social isolation issues that are present in the ageing Australian Community

What I learned:

We learned that social isolation, inability of using technology and loneliness has negative impact on older person in home care. Therefore, connecting older people of mutual interest with simple technology platform improves their quality of life, independence in terms of activities of daily living, dignity, social connectedness and reduce depression. More generally, it enables them to be engaged in the community, contribute their experience, keep them out of hospital and residential aged care and reduce cost and health care burden.

What's next for C U SOON?

C U Soon team will develop or adopt applications and website that connect elderly citizens of mutual interest via video and audio conferencing technology which enables them to be socially connected, use technology within their area of residence maintaining their dignity. It creates communication and knowledge. It is also relevant for aged care facility.

Built With

  • mibile-app
  • mobile-app
  • webrtc
  • website
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