Inspiration 🐢

The theme of our website is inspired by our pod name, the C Turtles. To reflect this, we implemented a swimming turtle on the home screen to greet users when they visit our page.

What it does 🖥

The user-friendly interface introduces the members of our team, inviting users to get to know each member by clicking through the photos on the page. Each member has a profile page to showcase their personality, interests, and recent projects.

How we built it 🛠

To collaborate, we used:

  • Git
  • Discord

To design the website, we used:

  • Figma

To build the website, we used:

  • Flask as the framework
  • HTML for the structure
  • CSS and Bootstrap for the styling

Challenges we ran into 😡

  • Using Flask, since our team had limited experience with it
  • Figuring out the quirks of CSS, and determining which tools and responsive layout patterns to use. Learning how to adopt a CSS framework was another challenge that we overcame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🌟

  • The collaboration amongst the team. We had pair programming sessions to merge our code and debug together.
    • Combining our different domains of knowledge and expertise to build a finished product. We were able to learn from each other and communicate effectively.
    • Putting together a website in a short timeframe, despite our limited experience with Flask and web development
    • Familiarizing ourselves with Git and the Git workflow in order to apply its best practices

What we learned ✏️

  • Flask
    • Routing
    • The Jinja templating system
    • How to pass in and use variables in our templates
  • Styling
    • Implementing a video hero section
    • Flexbox
    • Bootstrap
  • Git/GitHub
    • The importance and purpose of pull requests
    • How to use issues and project board to manage our project
    • Getting code reviews and feedback from our peers

What's next for the Hawksbills Portfolio 🚀

  • Taking inspiration from what we learned while making this portfolio and implementing that in our future portfolios
  • Improving the responsiveness of the website
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