During this current COVID 19 pandemic, I see health worker is curing the patients, doctors are innovating new medicine, the police is controlling the crowd movement and even bus drivers are helping people to get back to home. As a future engineer, I felt like my contribution is none, so I felt motivated to do my part and try to bring a positive change and to make sure my product can also be used in a future pandemic.

problem our project solves

we all can agree that this pandemic needs to overs soon so as we can meet our loved ones, in order to contain this pandemic, the government is using CONTACT TRACING APPS ( CTAs ). Research says if contact tracing is done correctly it can reduce the number of case 3 folds, then why the number is still rising? , the problem with these CTAs is they only tell whether you have come in contact with an infected person or not, what it doesn't tell us that from where the person caught the infection ( the parent source ). let's take an example if there are two-person 'X' and 'Y' and Y got infected then X will get notified by the current CTAs that he might have got an infection as he came in contact with Y, but it doesn't tell from Which PLACE y got the infection, this is crucial as if we don,t find out that PLACE then many other people who had visited that PLACE may get the infection.

what our project does

Our project C-TRACK 1st of it's kind of reverse contact tracing app, so let me explain how Reverse contact tracing works, whenever the user visits a place too frequently like a shopping mall. then that particular location will be saved inside the app and if in future user found COVID +ve then we can track down that shopping mall, the app will also send a notification to all over people who have visited that exact shopping mall, now health authorities can sanitize and lockdown that specific shopping mall instead of locking down the whole locality. the location stored is fully encrypted and can only be accessed by the user. it also has two additional feature 1.) it sends 'wear mask ' notification when the user leaves then house and 'wash hand' notification when the user returns the house, this small precaution can bring a huge change by keeping you and everyone around you safe. 2.) whenever the user enters a government certificated hotspot or RedZone he will get a warning notification

Challenges I ran into

1,) we lack financial support as we have to make this app from scratch. 2.) the problem in collecting data regarding government-certified hotspot and also we have to do a lot of research regarding the spread pattern of COVID-19. 3.) It was hard for us to get in contact with health workers as they were busy fighting an increasing number of patients so we have to talk to retired doctors. 4.) It took us too long to use it in real-time as during lockdown it was too hard to go outside in the quarantine but finally, after lockdown loosens a bit we tested it and it gave an excellent result.

What I learned

All team members of C-TRACK were able to grow their area of competence by participating in the whole process of idea definition, market research, validation, prototyping, and presentation. Through different mentor sessions, we learned that problems could be approached by many means, but most importantly our mission should be clear.

What's next for C - TRAC App for tracking corona hotspots

our app can be used for a future pandemic or seasonal diseases such as swine flu or bird flu.

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