cThrive, an innovative solution with a social impact. The cThrive platform offers personalised health monitoring.

UK Public health expenditure is forecasted to increase at a compound rate of 3.6%p.a. and reach £190.3bn in five years. Sustaining this increase requires cost effective e-health applications. A recent survey identified 63% of UK users are open to using online health monitoring platforms.

Currently individuals with/without symptoms act as carriers, spreading the virus. Early isolation of COVID-19 (a-)/symptomatic individuals is key to controlling spread of the pandemic and protect our health services.

Additionally the health services lack visibility of the number individuals self-isolating who could potentially require hospital treatment. There is a need to identify the number of individuals, especially those at risk, by location to forecast the workload on health services.

cThrive’s unique value proposition is to create an ecosystem where users get access to a one stop platform that could answer several health needs.

What it does

The scope of work for which this application is submitted is described as follows:

Design and create a platform, compatible with IOS and Android smart devices, to host innovative health applications to provide a one-stop-shop.

Focus will be on the health conditions to be monitored include but not limited to body temperature and breathlessness for identification and monitoring of COVID-19 (a-)/symptomatic individuals. This would trigger the user to take action in line government guidance. The application provides a heat map identifying location of symptomatic individuals, especially those at high risk, to assist the health services.

How I built it

We synthesized our thoughts in a procedural guideline where we identified the customer experience journey, touch points and value added experience through cThrive. We built a prototype during a previous hackathon and the aim during the WHD has been to building a user-friendly integrated interface in the light of preliminary research and end-user demand. We worked from the backend, creating a response through a JSON string that will be interpreted and integrated in the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges have been identified in gathering under cThrive umbrella all the different expertise and creating a team from scratch. The integration part with different application providers and build the ecosystem is demanding activity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

cThrive is proud of the mentor and expert advisers that joined enthusiastically the project and are willing to support and help to ensure the vision of creating a social impact is held. The key value-add that cThrive aggregator platform offers creation of an ecosystem for health applications. Interestingly there are very limited players that have tapped an aggregator model for this sector combination. Finally we are proud that our platform aims at addressing the challenges by aligning our solutions to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals namely health & well-being, zero hunger, partnerships for the goals and decent work and economic growth

What I learned

We learned how to interact with software developers, integrate a technical input into vision statements. Collaboration across countries and with different backgrounds (Italy, UK, US and Nigeria).

What's next for C-thrive

In the short-term cThrive will help slow-down the spread of the pandemic as well as provide NHS with key statistics through data gathering. UK Public health expenditure is forecasted to increase at a compound rate of 3.6%p.a. and reach £190.3bn in five years. Sustaining this increase requires cost effective e-health applications. In future, it will support the early detection and monitoring of potential new outbreaks and the management of the long-term contingency plans. In the long run, the cThrive ecosystem will provide a technological buffer for healthcare. The platform will host innovative health and food applications to provide a one-stop-shop.

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