Tagline: C&S Project Manager - to make project management easy, efficient and understandable


The inspiration for this project comes from the corporate law world, where large projects move fast forward and have several elements that need to be taken care of simultaneously. It can be challenging for involved parties to track the different phases and follow the development of a project. It can also be challenging to track when different parts of a project are completed or when action is required. We want to make project management easier, more efficient and understandable for every party involved in a transaction or any other kind of project. To sum up our source of inspiration we wanted to make the work of the lawyers easier and at the same time improve the client’s experience when doing business with the law firm.

What it does

Our platform makes project management easier, more efficient and more understandable for each party involved in for example a corporate transaction or any other case related to corporate law. The service is aimed at improving customer experience, by making the different phases of a project more transparent, manageable and understandable for the client. The involved parties get each their own account for the service when new projects are created. Depending on the role in the project the users have different rights and access to the data in the service. User rights also determine the view of the specific user to make sure no information is accessible to wrong people. The service offers an overview site of the project in question consisting of basic information as well as information on the time spent on the project. Based on the registered hours the service calculates the current price and also estimates the final price of the project. To improve the transparency the client can also track the progress of the project with a timeline that shows the different phases of the project in real time. Another part of the service is a newsfeed which gathers all actions and relevant documents regarding the project. In the newsfeed the users can add activities (e.g. documents) and comment them directly without the inconveniency of multiple email conversations. One of the many useful features of the service is a bell the lawyers can send notifications to the client to inform them that they need to react. Lawyers can also create check lists to ensure all important phases in the project are covered. The service can also gather documents marked with a star and combines them into a “bible” when the project is coming to an end. Since all the documents related to projects are saved as they are added to the service, the user can also find and search them in one place.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Challenges with our project and matters that need to be taken carefully into consideration when implementing this service are data privacy and protection issues. Certain security measures need to be taken into consideration to guarantee that clients data is kept safe and no information gets into the wrong hands.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the teamwork done in the team and the interdisciplinary skills and work that were required to create this service. I also think we managed to create a usable concept that brings valuable to both law firms and their clients, in a relatively short time. The visuals are also stylish and showcase the different functions of the service well. I am proud of my team members for all bringing their skillset into the project, and communicating their different views and experience to the other team members, in order to execute the concept successfully. The coders in this team put in a lot of time and energy into making a useful demo.

What I learned

I have learned more about creative thinking and creating new technology.

What's next for C&S Project Manager

C&S Project Manager has a lot of potential to be developed further. Next phase for the service is to give access also to the counterparties of the transactions. That way they could add their own comments on the documents also directly into the service. Our service could also be used to archive all projects and documents related to them. With analysing the archived data the service could also provide more accurate estimations about budgets and evaluate the time used in the similar projects.

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