As a freshman, trying to find the perfect organization for you is frustrating. StuAct can't search by related tags and the MSC Open House doesn't include every organization. That's why we created C-ORG

What it does

It shows a simple view of all organizations and offers a simple way to search for organizations by name or related tags.

Difficulties encountered

For our team, we had the bare bones knowledge of html and css. In addition to that, we needed to learn flask along the way. Thus, along the way we encountered the difficulties of trying to learn as we build. (Not to mention a weird json file that couldn't load until we copy and pasted it into another file). However, these difficulties allowed us to quickly learn which is a win overall.

What's the future for C-ORG?

In the future, we hope to add an option for organization account registration in which organizations can edit their own information and keep it up to date.

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