Cosmetics are products designed to cleanse, protect and change the appearance of external parts of our bodies. The key ingredients present in most cosmetics include water, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturizers, colors, and fragrances. These ingredients can be naturally occurring or artificial, but any potential impact on our health depends mainly on the chemical compounds they are made of. For over a decade there have been recurring reports in both the media and on hundreds of internet sites relating to potentially toxic substances present in cosmetics (lead, mercury, parabens) and the dangers they pose to the public.

So is there something that we all need to worry about?

What it does

The app helps users in deciding what is the best product for their skin that not only suits their skin but is also environment friendly. This can be easily done by scanning the bar code of the product and getting information about its ingredients. No one has time to look at each ingredient but with this app, anyone can simply scan barcodes and get info about all ingredients used in the product.

How I built it

I built it using flutter, a cross-platform development framework by Google and used Firebase ML Kit barcode scanning API, and EWG's skin deep database for extracting information about chemicals.

Challenges I ran into

I faced technical difficulty while working on the OCR feature and hence decided to use barcode scanning API and data manipulation of extracted text and querying that to get information from the API. I spent a lot of debugging the app and figuring out how things will work like how to pre-process the data and query it to get information about each chemical But thanks to StackOverflow for being my savior.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy that I was able to implement most of the features that I planned.

What's next for CosmoCare

CosmoCare will have more features like product recommendations based on user's preferences and more details will be included for each chemical. Improving UI will be my first priority. Adding an option to upload images from the gallery will also be useful.

Built With

  • dart
  • firebase-mlkit
  • flutter
  • google-vision-api
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