CHAOS - is a unique opportunity to act online as a pilot of a military helicopter. The game simulator is an unequalled power of a fighting vehicle (like Apache, Chinook, etc.) in your hand. This realistic feeling of flight and the ease of management of a difficult machine are available to an ordinary user. In comparison with common game-shooters,CHAOS has the advantage of high-detailed helicopter models, true-to-life maps and battle locations, unique sound and visual effects. War is waged not only in the sky: tanks, self-propelled units, ships, submarines, enemy planes attack and makethe game process and dogfight very intense. Training missions and online battles, regular tournaments and video-recording of dogfights, detailed statistics of battle achievements, loyal system of awards, prizes and various bonuses – and this is onlya part of the conquering world of CHAOS multiplayer.

How it works

using smart accelerometer you'll control different helicopters

Challenges I ran into

different platforms nuances

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

development and introducing one of the best app

What I learned

I may say that I still in process Many things are done, but many things are left for TODO

What's next for C.H.A.O.S

MMO version up to N*100 pilots in one map simultaneously.

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