As a student in Middle/High School, you are tasked with taking a long mundane career aptitude test with 80 multiple choice questions and many times it not being helpful. C-Future is a new Alexa skill which you can download on your Amazon Alexa with who you can talk with and have a better more interactive experience. The app will guide you and use your answers to pick from 47 unique paths to find your best technical career.

What it does

It will ask you a series of questions narrowing down the choices until you get a career that matches your interests.

How I built it

Used Json and Alexa Developer Console.

What's next for C-Future

Replicating this process for other career paths and replace other mundane forms with a more healthy and interactive process.

Try it out Notes:

That is just the Json File, Amazon needs to approve my skills before it is available to the public however you can duplicate the skill by using the Json File.

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