Daily rise of increased in temperature and toxic gas exhaust from vehicles cause severe problem on human health and environment. being a part of this environment our inspired to do some productive to save mother earth.

What it does

C-Extractor restrict 4% of carbon emitted by vehicle and store it in device which further utilized for ink or for any other purpose.

How it will be build

Before execution of product data analyse from all aspects. Design thinking and design process occur to make product feasible for users. Material put impact role while building any product. C-Extracter require metallic plate which contract charge particles exhaust from tailline of vehicle. Polytetrafluroetylene (PTFE) filter is used to restrict carbon component so it's use as a filter In device.

Challenges we ran into

Analysis of data,various filters and their aspects were considered. It was challenging face to make device compact. So our main challenge was to decrease level of carbon emission from vehicle and tackle issues of climate change.

What I learned

There are many more methods and technology through which we can save Mother Earth from harmful gases.By use of various gadgets and upcoming technology help to heal back earth.

What's next for C-Extractor

Further we had plan to put sensor to get notification of current status or amount of carbon presence in the device. So rider should get idea when he/she have to change the filter device (C-Extractor)

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