During this current COVID 19 pandemic, I see health worker is curing the patients, doctors are innovating new medicine, the police is controlling the crowd movement and even bus drivers are helping people to get back to home. As a future engineer, I felt like my contribution is none, so I felt motivated to do my part and try to bring a positive change and to make sure my product can also be used in a future pandemic.

problem our project solves

The massive spread of COVID 19 is due to a measure reason, When a person is infected he can be asymptomatic for up to 21 days and still be contagious, so the only way to contain the spread is by wearing a mask and maintaining hand hygiene. WHO and CDC report said that if everyone wears a mask and maintains hygiene then the number of cases can be reduced three folds. But HOW we will do that? , How can we make ever one habituated to the following safety precaution so the normalization can take place.

What our project does

Our app is 1st of its kind safety awareness system, which works on google geofencing API, in which it creates a geofence around the user home location and whenever the user leaves home, he will get a notification in the C-CARE app ( ' WEAR MASK ' ) and as the users return home he will get another notification ( ' WASH HANDS '), ensuring full safety of the user and their family. It is also loaded with additional features such as i.) HOTSPOT WARNING SYSTEM in which if the user enters into a COVID hotspot region he will be alerted to maintain 'SOCIAL DISTANCING' And it also has a statics board where the user can see how many times the user has visited each of these geofences. With repeated Notification, we will make people habituated of wear masks, washing hands, and social distancing which will make each and every one of us a COVID warrior, we are not only protecting ourselves but also protecting others, only with C-CARE.

Challenges we ran into

1,) we lack financial support as we have to make this app from scratch. 2.) the problem in collecting data regarding government-certified hotspot and also we have to do a lot of research regarding the spread pattern of COVID-19. 3.) Due to a lack of mentors, whenever the app stop working we had to figure out by ourself, how to correct the error. 4.) It took us too long to use it in real-time as during lockdown it was too hard to go outside in the quarantine but finally, after lockdown loosens a bit we tested it and it gave an excellent result. 5.) we didn't know much about geofencing before that so we have to learn it from scratch using youtube videos.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud to have completed our project in the period of this hackathon. Additionally, we’re proud of how we’ve dealt with time pressure and worked cohesively as a team to actualize our start-up goals, which we believe would have a genuinely positive impact on saving many lives once implemented properly.

What we learned

All team members of C-CARE were able to grow their area of competence by participating in the whole process of idea definition, market research, validation, prototyping, and presentation. Through different mentor sessions, we learned that problems could be approached by many means, but most importantly our mission should be clear.

What's next for C - CARE

COVID cases are increasing every day, and chances are low that we can create a vaccine immediately, apps like C-CARE will play a crucial role in lower the spread of infection till a proper vaccine is made. Our app can also be used for a future pandemic or seasonal diseases such as swine flu or bird flu.

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