We wanted to provide a multitude of platforms that enables students to obtain a full learning experience on circuits and components! Our goal was to create user-friendly applications that teaches users proper physics and logic within a circuitry and visualizes how each component cohere with one another. We don't want students to be limited on the things they can learn simply because of the virtual switch in education!

What it does

The MATLAB & Simulink application visualizes the logic and physics within the circuit and informs the necessity of proper assembling between the components. The Unity Game application allows users to: 1) interact with the components and 2) assemble the circuit themselves! Lastly, the AR mobile application demonstrates a clear visualization of the full circuit and users can navigate to each component and see how each coheres with one another.

How we built it

We built the logic and physics application/simulation with MathWork's MATLAB & Simulink and combined it with the Unity Game to enforce user-assembly, in which we developed with Unity and Unity WebGL. The AR mobile application was built with Xcode's Reality Composer; each and every model was generated from echoAR, imported into Reality Composer, and assembled to recreate a proper circuit. A QR code of the AR app was also generated in echoAR but the scene is quite too large to be displayed onto the code.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a multitude of challenges: working virtually in different time zones, tackling challenges in industries none of us had prior experience in, combining our MATLAB logic and simulation with our Unity Game's components and scripting, converting and parsing codes for proper connection between the applications, and displaying the AR application onto a QR code. Although we ran into several challenges, we persevered and developed amazing applications that we believe can provide a proper learning experience for students.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We formed this team with no knowledge of what we can produce and we underestimated each of our capabilities. All of us had little to no knowledge in MATLAB & Simulink, Dynamic Unity programming, and AR programming & scaling. However, we dedicated our time and curiosity towards this project and was able to learn from the workshops and various tutorials and resources online, and we were able to apply our knowledge towards development and we produced applications that still baffles us in which WE made that.

What we learned

We learned how to develop simulations with MATLAB & Simulink, how to construct a user-interactive game in Unity with dynamic programming, and how to import objects into Apple's Reality Composer and assemble them properly. Aside from the technical skills, we learned that anything is possible if you really put the time and effort towards understanding it!

What's next for C & C, Circuits and Components!

We hope to connect our applications more fluidly and launch it as a casual platform to educate students despite our unfortunate situation of distance learning.

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