Our club used to play minecraft via a local network since we were all on campus now that machine is out of our control since were not on campus so using old recycled parts from other computers we combined them into this rad server

What it does

CABS hosts game servers for mass amounts of people Games it has rn but not limited to are minecraft ,rust , Wreckfest, and risk of rain

How we built it

2 of us got together and used our clubs parts to build a server we had to look up some tutorials but eventually we got it built

Challenges we ran into

this motherboard took ddr3 ram and only the unbuffered type we had to rip the ram out of some old dell poweredge we had and it fired up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting it to boot the motherboard comes from another pc so there was no manual for the pin outs

What we learned

Building a pc is not as hard as it would seem

What's next for C.A.B.S

making it faster its on older hardware now

Built With

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