Climate change and other factors have increased the frequency of the hazardous climatic situations and disasters. They pose a risk to companies in form of financial damage and risk for employees. So we are building a full-stack modular SaaS application that will help companies to identify these climate risks and make better informed decision to minimize any damage.

What it does

This application provides different types of data and insights to the companies about climate and weather risks. The app is also enabled with AI/ML models to develop assessments about climate. And also provides with precautionary measures.

How we built it

In this app we fetch climate and weather data from open data point/API to form a database of latest information which is always up to date and AI/ML models are trained on this data to provide more insights. Also this data and models will be deployed as REST APIs with the help of Django in the backend. And the frontend would be made in Flutter and Dart so that the app would be available on multiple platforms.
We have gone with a modular structure for this SaaS application so that companies can purchase different modules/plugins according their requirements. Or they can work with us to make new custom modules to their needs.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenge that we ran into was to make this application available to different companies as every company has different requirements, We solved this problem by going with a modular approach and made different microservices for different needs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we are actively contributing towards a sustainable future through our project and trying to solve challenges faced by companies to become more sustainable.

What we learned

We got to dive deeper in challenges faced by companies to become more sustainable. And we also learnt to work under time constraint and pressure to make the best product possible.

What's next for C-3 Team Quasar

We are looking forwards to attend more hackathon and build projects that would solve problems and help others.

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